How Do You Maintain Windows And Doors?

It is no question that the maintenance of your windows and doors is very important. Regularly taking care of your windows and doors not only improves the overall appeal of your home, but it also ensures you and your family that your home cannot be compromised by any dangers of the outside world. Maintenance also improves the longevity of your windows and doors by a significant amount. To make sure that you are taking care of these parts of your home properly and with extra care, take these tips into consideration.

Regular Frame Inspection

Every season, you should examine your door and window frames. Each season comes with a new set of weather conditions that might have an impact on the interior and exterior of your doors and windows. Doors and windows are especially vulnerable to seasonal weather changes because of their increased expansion and contraction. The symptoms of a weakened frame might be intangible, such as an increased energy bill with no apparent logical cause. In this scenario, compare your current bill to bills from the same season from past years. If you see an obvious difference, the recommended thing to do is seek the counsel of a skilled door and window specialist to validate your concern. Although the damage may be physically small and unnoticeable at times, it can still affect your pockets by great amounts. Other symptoms that are visible to the naked eye include a build up of moisture between glass panes and peeling off paint. If you do regular frame inspection on your windows and doors, it is more likely for you to find out about these potential damages sooner and fix them before they become more serious.

Regular Seal Inspection

Having your windows and doors completely sealed is an important aspect of the overall window and door. This is because the seals hold vital components like weather stripping, which ensures that your windows remain waterproof. When examining your window seals, look for gaps or cracks because these openings can lead to a number of problems.  For instance, seams in the seals of your windows and doors are often the primary source of air seepage, which can spike up your energy bills. Furthermore, cracks like these allows water to invade your home with ease, causing moisture build up and rotting. To avoid any of these situations from occurring, you must check your seals regularly and make any necessary repairs.

Regular Locks Inspection

Having properly operating locks on doors and windows increases a home’s security, since they guard against intruders and inclement weather. It is even more critical to have locks that operate properly in order to avoid accidents and be prepared for emergencies. Some door and window care advice for locks include frequent lock cleaning and lubrication. Cleaning the exterior sections of the locks with a gentle cleaner or a wet towel once a month is sufficient. When it comes to maintaining your door locks, resist using oil-based cleaning products or other abrasive kinds since they may cause harm. It’s also a good idea to avoid using too much force while opening and closing doors and windows, since this may easily destroy the smaller but crucial elements that make up the entire lock. These components may eventually fall off and begin to deteriorate the door.

Constant Cleaning

Doors and windows, like any other feature of your home, require frequent and extensive cleaning. While cleaning your doors and windows on a daily basis may not be practicable, you may clean them once a month to prevent unnecessary build up of debris. If you live near a saltwater body, such as a lake or the ocean, it is recommended that you clean your windows and doors at least twice a month. Clean surfaces are more able to handle severe conditions from both inside and outside than unclean surfaces, ensuring the integrity of your doors and windows.

Regardless if it is your windows or doors or any other part of your home for that matter, maintenance is key for keeping them in pristine condition. With regular maintenance, you are increasing the longevity, the durability and the effectiveness of your windows and doors. Some ways to take care of your windows and doors are regular frame inspection, constant cleaning, frequent seal and lock inspection. By following the tips above, you will be able to maintain these parts of your home effectively and with ease.