5 Projects To Prioritise When Renovating Your Home

5 Projects To Prioritise When Renovating Your Home

Renovations can do wonders for a home, whether you’re making your own home a better place to live in or considering putting it on the market and gaining the most out of it. Regardless of what the reason may be, they’re an excellent method to increase the value of your property, but it is crucial that all of it is done correctly and with detail. While some renovations produce a high return on investment and greatly improves the living conditions of your home, some do not. If you are thinking about remodelling and have a restricted budget, it is advisable to prioritise changes to areas you know will help enhance the value of your property, as well as its structural integrity. Hiring a highly competent renovation company is also beneficial, so it is important to keep them in mind when doing all of this. If you need help, continue reading to learn about five home modifications you can do to boost the value of your property while giving it a fresh, modern appeal.

Bathroom Remodel

Because bathrooms are such an important area of the home, they are one of the most crucial improvements you can perform. Having an out-of-date bathroom might cost you money, as they may need frequent repairing and such. As a result, updating your bathroom fixtures and amenities while giving it a more modern design (or even adding a bathroom) might boost the selling appeal and overall functionality of your home. With that being said, you should expect to recoup 75% to 100% of your investment in a bathroom makeover. Also, it might be difficult to deal with a lack of restrooms. This is why, when you have enough, your house will be more appealing to potential purchasers if you were to install more bathrooms into your home. If you don’t have enough space for a full bathroom, constructing half-baths out of small closets or beneath eaves is a terrific option. Buyers will search for huge showers, plenty of space footage, and a master bathroom with his and her sinks while looking for a property, as well. Other factors to consider while remodelling your bathroom are the vanity, tub, toilet, shower, and flooring. In terms of water resistance, traditional ceramic floors exceed wood floors. Energy-efficient upgrades are also crucial to consider since they will increase the resale value of your property and decrease your monthly expenses. When decorating your bathroom, it is best that you keep it in the same time period as the rest of your home. This is not to suggest that a traditional design cannot be combined with modern fixtures. Making your bathroom as practical and large as feasible is advantageous, too. Overall, it is good to splurge while decorating your bathroom. The bulk of your expenditure in a bathroom makeover may be recouped.

Replacing Old Windows

Windows are an excellent way to modernise the appearance of your house. There are various types of windows to choose from, as well as window colours, so the available options for you and your home are limitless. Furthermore, replacing your old windows with energy-efficient ones will save you and future homeowners money on cooling and heating costs. This will not only attract more homebuyers, but it will also improve your living conditions throughout the rest of your stay at this home.

Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is frequently referred to as the “heart of the home” and this is for good reason. A remodelled kitchen, like a bathroom, may significantly improve the aesthetic of your house while increasing its value. When it comes to a kitchen redesign, however, caution is advised because one mistake may potentially jeopardise the whole project. When budgeting, it is best that you compare the worth of your house with the cost of your supplies. In other words, you have to find out if you will be able to recuperate your material costs. If done correctly, a kitchen makeover may yield a near-100 percent return on investment. Many house buyers look for enough cupboard and counter space. Many normally prefer quartz countertops because they are more durable and need less upkeep than granite countertops, are less expensive, and can increase the value of your property. A window over the sink is another attractive and valuable addition to your home. You can make some great renovations while increasing the value if you plan ahead of time and don’t overpay.

Finished Basement

When potential buyers are looking, they take into account your home’s usable square footage. A completed basement may greatly increase the value of your property. Whether it’s kept as a basement to rent out to a tenant, a leisure area, a theatre room, or even a workout area, it’s a terrific way to increase the value of your home when you decide to sell. While it is not an easy process, once completed, you may anticipate a significant return on your investment. Before you begin your basement renovation, make sure it contains a bathroom, since this may significantly boost its worth. Also, make certain that it is well insulated to prevent moisture damage. It is best to avoid adding many walls or passageways since this will make your basement look darker and smaller, which it already does. Maintain an open floor plan, and adding a gas fireplace may help make the space feel brighter and cosier. Storage space is also essential, since prospective house buyers are always looking for more. The options for your basement are limitless after you’ve finished it.

Increase Lighting and Space

While this is obviously self-evident, we thought we’d throw some ‘light’ on how adding more light and space to your house might boost its worth. The most essential thing you can do as a homeowner during renovations is to raise the charm of your home and open it up to allow more natural light in. When it comes to real estate, dark, narrow, cramped rooms are a no-no. Consider breaking down some walls to let more light into your house with an open floor layout. Taking down the wall between your kitchen and dining area may improve flow without compromising the functionality of either space. If you don’t want to pull down walls, enlarging entrances by 6-12 inches can make a big impact, as well. Vaulted ceilings are another option for creating the sense of additional space. While skylights can provide an additional window for bringing in extra natural light. Not only will you enjoy the space and illumination in your home today, but it will also seem more welcoming to potential purchasers in the future.

Home renovations are the best way you can invest your money, as it will not only improve your living conditions, but it will also increase its overall value, which is beneficial if you plan on selling it in the future. Although there are various home renovations that you can invest in, from windows and doors to painting your walls, there are some specific ones that you should tackle first. This type of renovations include a bathroom remodel, replacement windows, a kitchen remodel, a finished basement and increased lighting and space. By completing these renovations, you are setting yourself up for a comfortable living area, as well as a greater stream of money if you ever sell your home. If you have any further questions about home renovation, talk to a local, trusted contractor today.